Contemplating Selling My Hyundai Genesis Coupe

With the recent theft of my personal property, I have been contemplating selling my Genesis Coupe.  The interior will be repainted Tsukuba Red and the windows reinstalled (missing the driver and passenger door windows) prior to the sale.  Potential buyers can email me at billy@moderacing.com.  Looking for $35,000 obo.

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, 2.0T, 6-speed manual, RWD, base trim

Tsukuba Red

1,800 miles

Parts included with sale:

-Remaining stock parts that I have left minus the items stolen in the previous post

-JRZ 3-way Adjustable Race Coilovers with Remote Reservoirs

-Poweraxel Reflash, ~290 whp, 290 ft-lbs

-Custom Intake and Airbox

-Custom Downpipe, Midpipe, Exhaust

-Custom FMIC

-Custom Engine Oil Cooler

-Custom Battery Holder

-Custom Air/Oil Separator

-Koyo Radiator

-Custom Radiator Hoses

-APR Performance GT Rear Wing

-APR Performance Side Skirts

-APR Performance Front Lip

-Seibon Carbon SC Hood

-Seibon Carbon Trunk

-Seibon Carbon Front Grill

-Stoptech Big Brake Kit, Red, Front and Rear

-ARP Wheel Studs

-Enkei NT03+m, 18×9.5, +27mm, white, front

-Toyo R888, 255/40/18 Front

-Enkei NT03+m, 18×10.5, +40mm, white, rear

-Toyo R888, 285/30/R18 Rear

-Wired for Race Technologies Dash2 and DL1, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Transmission Temperature, Rear Differential Temperature, Boost Pressure, AEM Uego, In Water Temperature, Out Water Temperature

-Custom Seat Rail

-Sparco Circuit Seat

-6-point Rollcage with Gusseting to A and B pillars

-MXP Chassis Bracing

New Pictures

Old Pictures


Update: Trailer Stolen

A few weeks ago my personal trailer (luckily a car was not inside, but tools and parts were) was stolen from HBSpeed in Fountain Valley, California while my Genesis Coupe was being worked on.  News of the theft spread throughout the local forums, contacts in the industry and friends.  While at SEMA last week, I was asked if there has been any update by friends.  To my dismay, there has not.  The trailer is still missing and the thieves are still at large.

Therefore, I will repost a few pictures of the trailer and provide a list of my personal items missing.  I am a little embarassed by the large amount of items that I had in the trailer when it was stolen, but it is what it is.  If any one has any information that leads to the recovery of my stolen property, a reward will be given.  The list is long and you can imagine how long it has taken me to accumulate what I had.  Thank you all for keeping the eye out.  It is greatly appreciated.

2001 Haulmark Thrifty Hauler Enclosed Trailer, 18 foot, White, Subaru Decals rear bottom corner, Kettering Bulldog decal by license plate.

Vin #16HGB18271U022096

Utah Plate #38291M

Parts and tools inside the trailer include:

-(2) Volk Racing Seibon Edition (Red Trim/Grey), 18×8.5, 5×114.3, +22
-(2) Volk Racing Seibon Edition (Red Trim/Grey), 18×9.5, 5×114.3, +22
-Race Technologies DL-1
-Race Technologies Dash 2
-(2) Schroth Clubman III 6-point Harnesses, black
-SFI/FIA rollcage padding black
-Schroth Interior Net
-Schroth Reinforcement Plates
-Schroth Bolts, 7/16″ 25mm
-Schroth Inserts, 7/16″
-Schroth Washers, 7/16″
-Sparco Evo Race Seat, Black
-Mesh-style Window Net
-NACA Ducts
-Window Net Installation Kit
-Defi BF Oil Temperature Gauge
-Defi BF Oil Pressure Gauge
-(2) Defi BF Water Temperature Gauge
-(2) Defi D-Link Control Unit II Version 2
-Deatschwerks Hyundai Genesis Coupe 950cc Injectors
-Pagid RS-14 Brake Pads for Stoptech Big Brakes (Front and Rear)
-Poweraxel Power X Module
-Grimmspeed Hyundai Genesis Coupe Intake Manifold Spacer
-Turn In Concepts Hyundai Genesis Coupe Shifter Bushings
-MXP Hyundai Genesis Coupe Front Strut Tower Bar
-MXP Hyundai Genesis Coupe Lateral Reinforcement Frame
-Aerocatch Hood Pins
-Golden Eagle Tow Hook Kit – Front and Rear
-Golden Eagle Trim Bumper Diffuser 2-piece
-Hypercoil Springs, 2.5″ ID, 7-8 inch length
-GTR Oil Cooler Duct
-Custom Fabricated Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 Intake
-Green Air Filter
-ARP Wheel Studs
-Eibach 5×100, 10mm Spacers
-Misc Wheel Spacers (3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm)
-Silicone Couplers & Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps, V-Band Flanges
-10AN Fire Sleeve, Lightweight Racing Line, Fittings
Stock Hyundai Genesis Coupe Parts 

-Driver Window Glass

-Driver Power Window Motor
-Driver Door Module
-Passenger Window Glass
-Passenger Power Window Motor
-Passenger Door Module
-Left Wiper Arm
-Left Wiper Blade
-Right Wiper Arm
-Right Wiper Blade
-Cowl Top Cover
-Hood Weatherstrip
-Windshield Molding
-Center Speaker Grille
-Glove Box
-Center Fascia Upper Panel
-Shroud Upper Panel
-Crash Pad Lower Panel
-Crash Pad Side Cover Driver
-Shroud Lower Panel
-Crash Pad Side Cover Passenger
-Crash Pad Lower Switch Panel
-Console Upper Cover
-Cup Holder
-Console Rear Cover
-Floor Console
-Shifter Boot
-Retainer Plate for Shifter Boot
-Shift Knob
-Photo Light Sensor Center of Dash
-Driver Kick Panel
-Passenger Kick Panel
-Left Roof Molding
-Right Roof Molding
-Front Strut Driver
-Front Strut Passenger
-Dust Cover
-Upper Pad
-Bracket Left
-Bracket Right
-Lower bolts
-Rear Strut
-Lower Pad
-Rear Springs
-Upper Pad
-Dust Boot
-Lower Bolt
-Fuel Pump
-Radiator Asm
-Radiator Upper Hose
-Radiator Lower Hose
-Exhaust Manifold
-Manifold Gasket
-Turbocharger Asm
-Turbo Gasket
-Heat Shield
-Warm-up Catalytic Converter
-Exhaust Gasket
-Front Muffler
-Intercooler Outlet Hose
-Intercooler Inlet Hose
-Air Cleaner Top Cover
-Air Cleaner Body
-Intake Hose
-Vacuum Hose
-Mechanical Service Manual
-Electrical Service Manual
-Turbo Intake Hose
-Craftsman 260 piece Mechanics Tool Set
-Craftsman Digitork 1/2″ Torque Wrench 25-250 ft. lbs
-Craftsman Torque Wrench
-Craftsman 1/2″ Speed Wrench
-Craftsman 1/2″ Flex T-Handle
-Craftsman Cordless 18v Drill w/Light
-Craftsman Dual Port Universal Charge
-Dewalt 14 piece Drill Bits
-Craftsman 40 pc Master Thread Restorer Kit
-Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric Tap & Die Set
-2″ C-Clamps
-Arrow Staple Gun
-Craftsman Rubber Mallett 3-lb Dead Blow
-Craftsman 16oz Nail Hammer
-Craftsman Utility Knife
-Craftsman Heat Gun
-Craftsman Utility Cutter
-Stanley 30ft Tape Measure
-Craftsman Tool Box
-Craftsman 11-function Multimeter
-Craftsman Temp Probe
-Craftsman Oil Filter Pliers
-Craftsman 4-drawer Tool Storage Box
-Craftsman 22″ Standard Truck Box
-Craftsman 12 pc Deep Impact Socket Set Metric
-Craftsman 20 pc Air Accessory Kit
-Craftsman 500 watt halogen Worklight Portable
-Craftsman Worklight
-Outdoor Extension Cord 3-plug 25 foot
-Rivet Gun
-Portable Power Jump/Starter
-Craftsman 6 pc Socket Set Metric
-Craftsman 6 pc Socket Set Standard
-Craftsman Wire Stripper/Cutter
-Ideal Strip Master
-Craftsman 3 pc Adjustable Pliers
-Black & Decker Auto Wrench 8″
-Craftsman 8″ Adjustable Pliers
-Craftsman 2 pc Strap Wrench
-Craftsman 12 pc Nut Driver Set
-Gearwrench 8 pc Metric Combination Wrenches
-Vise Grip 3 pc Set
-RoboGrip 10″ V-Notch Jaw
-Craftsman 7″ Wide Jaw Cutting Pliers
-Craftsman 6.75″ Long Nose Pliers
-Craftsman 3 pc Pliers Set
-Craftsman 18 pc Screwdriver Set
-Craftsman Torx Set
-Aviation Snip
-Tinner Snip
-Craftsman 6 pc Bolt out Plus
-Craftsman 26 pc Combination Wrench Set 12 pt Standard
-Craftsman 26 pc Combination Wrench Set 12 pt Metric
-Mechanics Gloves
-Craftsman 4 Ton Jack Stand Pair
-Craftsman 4 Ton Jack
-Dremel 300 Series Rotary Tool Kit
-Dremel 65 pc Cutoff Wheel Assortment
-Snap-On CT6850HO 18 volt Cordless Impact
-Longacre Toe Plates
-Longacre Tap Measures
-Smart Camber Gauge w/ Hands Free Adapter
-Aluminum Hose Wrench Set
-Koul Tool -6,-8,-10
-Trick Tank 7 gallon Aluminum Air Tank, Blue
-Costco 7 gallon Air Tank
-Costco Aluminum Jack
-Fender Roller
-Coleman Cold Heat Cordless Soldering Iron
-Oil Filter Wrenches
-Lug Nut Wrench (4-point, star)
-Contour Gauge
-Harbor Freight 2 Piece Steel Loading Ramps
-IO Port Camera Mount
-Suction Cup Camera Mount
-CruiseCam Head Rest Camera Mount
-Broom w/ Dust Pan
-15qt. Oil Recycle Pan
-7.5qt Round Oil Drain Pan
-Motorola Talk-about Radios
-Double 2-Way Radio Charger
-Rubber Maid Containers
-Misc Radio Wires
-In Car radio setups
-2-way Radios
-Radio Headsets
-Battery Chargers
-Radio Pushbuttons
-Radio box for rollcage
-Reese Weight Distribution Hitch
-E-Track Trailer Cargo Control Horizontal
-E-Track Tie Off Rings
-E-Track Aluminum Load Support Beam
-Garage Parking Stop
-Wheel Chock Set of 2
-Master Lock Padlock with Weather Cover
-Master Lock Side Door
-Gorilla Coupler Lock
-Master Lock Coupler Lock
-Barbell Lock
-Rubbermaid Cabinets
-California Duster
-California Water Blade
-The Darra of Calif.  The Absorber
-Plastic Gas Cans
-Plastic Diesel Can
-EZ-Up Eclipse II, 10’x10′ Tent, Blue, white frame
-Folding Chairs
-5 person tent
-Motul Oil, Diff Fluid, Transmission Fluid
-Subaru Service Bulletins
-Wire Connectors
-Bungee Cords
-5 gallon buckets
-Car Wash Stuff
-Lint Free Towels
-Redline Water Wetter
-Distilled Water
-Redline Diesel Additive
-Fold up Cot
-Recycle Bin
-Tow Ropes
-Electrical Tape
-Blue Painters Tape
-Duct Tape
-Black Duct Tape
-Magnetic Stripping
-SCCA Rulebooks
-Car Fire Extinguisher
-Oil Filter
-Subaru Lugnuts
-Wire (16 gauge, 12 gauge)

Been awhile!

So, I know that there has not been many updates in quite a few months, but a lot has been going on to say the least.  First off, MODE Racing is still alive and kicking.  We have had to change our product line a little bit, but we will be adding a few new products to our webstore from ourselves and our supporting sponsors.  To name a few will be the release of the Koyo Radiators for the V6 and 4-cyl turbo, available starting May 3rd, APR Performance’s parts are know available, the MODE Racing 3 gauge pod for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a few weeks out (very, very close!!!), and the MODE Racing GTR Dual Oil Cooler for the Nissan GT-R to name a few.  We also still have our double adjustable short shifters for Subaru and Mitsubishi models, Genesis Coupe radiator hoses, Mazdaspeed 3 Radiator Hoses, exhaust hangers and shift weights.

While working on the new products, I have also been working with quite a few race teams this year.  We are continuing to support the HBSpeed Evo X.

I have been helping AQ Motorsports a little with their vehicles, and a very big endeavor has been with COBB Tuning’s new Motorsports program.

I was asked to put together their 370z and a yet to be revealed project (it will be making its debut later this year),

which has been doing very well under the capable hands of owner, Trey Cobb.  I have also been helping them with their GT-R.  Recently Dustin Harris, from COBB Tuning Surgeline, and I rebuilt a GT-R motor after a mishap at the end of the first Redline event of the year at Buttonwillow.  We put it together in a little under a week and the car was up and running last weekend’s event in New Jersey.

I have also been involved with a Canadian Touring Car team, G1 Racing, that has been preparing 3 Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6s for their touring car series.

We still have our Genesis Coupe and will be racing it later this year after a new rollcage has been installed by Brian Lock at COBB Motorsports, and I have finished what I plan to do.  Lets just say, I have a built motor and larger turbo waiting to be installed.  Needless to say it has been a very busy year thus far.  I will be doing my best to update this blog more often with reports, new products, etc.


MODE Racing Installs Cusco Rear 1.5 Way LSD for Hyundai Genesis Coupe!

Pictures from the installation of the Cusco 1.5 way Rear LSD.  I needed to grind down 1 of the fins on the differential cover a few millimeters, but other than that, a simple install.

Test fitting the Cusco LSD in the differential case.

Cusco LSD versus Stock Open Differential

Another pic of the Cusco LSD versus the Stock Open Differential

Cusco LSD with Ring Gear installed in the differential case.

How much I had to grind down the fin on the differential cover.


Pics from Tuttle-Click Hyundai Dealer Meet!

A few pics from the Tuttle-Click Hyundai dealer meet, earlier this summer.


Seibon Customer Appreciation Day!

So I know that this was quite a while ago, but I thought I would post up some pictures from Seibon Carbon’s customer appreciation day.  Definitely want to thank Seibon Carbon for inviting us to display our 2 project Genesis coupes at the event and for all the help this year.  They plan to do another day next spring, so make sure you stop by.  A lot of great cars, DJs, events and vendors were there.  Please let us know if any of you need Seibon Carbon products for your vehicles, because we can definitely get them for you!  sales@moderacing.com


MODE Racing would like to thank JRZ Suspensions!

This year has definitely been a great one, and one of the companies that we worked with to make our Genesis Coupe 2.0T Time Attack vehicle, happened to be JRZ Suspensions.  We wanted to convert the rear strut/spring setup to a coilover setup and together we collaborated to make this a reality.  We have been using these Racing 3-way coilovers from JRZ for the last half of this year and will continue to use them for years to come.  They are a superb system that has improved the handling of the car sevenfold.  If any Genesis Coupe owner would like a JRZ Suspension setup, be it the same 3-way race setup we are using, a 2-way RS Pro setup, or even a single adjustable RS setup, please contact us via email, sales@moderacing.com.  We will do everything in our power to get you the right setup for your specific needs.